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As part of Makes & Partners Law Firm (Makes) initiatives to engineer emerging startup ecosystem in Indonesia, we have prepared a set of fully editable investment package documents for startup fundraising, made available for free download and use, subject to our disclaimer below:

A Kit of Standard Startups Agreements (Aksara Nusantara) is a work product developed by Makes, taking into account various external and internal sources on the Startup fundraising documents. Aksara Nusantara will be updated from time to time following any inputs that we receive.

No information provided in Aksara Nusantara, should be construed as legal advice (including for any fact or scenario described in each of the documents or any assumptions made in relation to such document). Aksara Nusantara and the terms thereto are intended to serve as a starting point only and should be tailored to meet your specific legal and commercial requirements. Additional documents may be required for your transaction. Makes does not take any responsibility for the contents of Aksara Nusantara. Please obtain legal, tax and other professional advice accordingly.

Aksara Nusantara is developed by taking into consideration the general nature of early stage startup investments in Indonesia. It should not be construed as how Makes’ positions itself on various matters mentioned herein in any transactions that are handled by Makes.

For queries and comments please contact us at tanyaaksara@makeslaw.com.


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